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Q: Iím getting married! When should I bring my gown in for alterations?

A: The alterations process is best started about 3-4 months ahead of the wedding or travel date.

Q: What do alterations typically cost?

A: Pricing varies widely for each gown and body! The typical bridal ticket at The Alterationist ranges from $250-900. Our apologies, but it is impossible to give any estimate over the phone or via photos.

Q: Whoa! Nine hundred bucks sounds like a lot! What if I only need a few alterations?

A: We can make a consultation appointment, and give you an estimate! For a $50 fee and no commitment, we will take one hour and go over the possibilities and necessities of alterations on your gown. We will be able to give you an estimate (not a fixed price). For a more accurate estimate, bring your shoes and your undergarments. Bonus: If you commit to having your alterations done by us, the $50 fee is subtracted from the alterations total. Win-win.

Q: Okay, that sounds better. What does the alterations process look like?

A: Starting 3-4 months ahead of the wedding date, youíll have your first fitting. For this fitting, we reserve a full hour (more if necessary) and we take our time. Definitely bring your shoes and undergarments, for all fittings. At this fitting, you will get a fixed price for the work we pinned, if we are able to make one. We will also schedule (or at least pencil-in) the second and final fittings at this time. Ideally all three fittings will be about a month apart, with the final fitting being about a week or two ahead of the wedding/travel date.

Q: Is there a fee for additional fittings?

A: Yes. Fittings or try-ons in addition to the three fittings recommended are subject to a $50 fee per appointment. Only the initial consult appointment fee of $50 is credited toward the alterations total.

Q: Do I need to take my gown to a cleaners before or after alterations?

If you have a sample gown, absolutely take it to a cleaners before wearing it or having someone work on it! You donít want someone elseís armpit juice on your gorgeous, elegant gown anyway! Ask your vendor if you are unsure whether it has already been cleaned.

Q: Where do I get it pressed? I donít intend to wear a well-fitting but wrinkly gown on my wedding day.

A: Pressing (and getting your gown aisle-ready before pickup) is included in our total price for alterations! If youíre traveling far from Chicago for your wedding, ask your hotel in advance if they can do some last-minute steaming for you upon your gownís arrival, if necessary.

Q: Do you make wedding gowns?

A: Nope. Just alterations on existing garments.

Q: Iím using my motherís wedding gown for my modern wedding. Do you redesign/revamp vintage gowns for events?

A: Not really. Alterations and re/design are two very different things, and while we have the talent for one, we have no time to figure out the other. But fear not! When in doubt, make a consult appointment with us, and we can advise you.

Q: When do you accept payment for bridal work?

A: Fifty percent of the total is due at the second fitting; the remainder is due at the time of pickup. We accept cash only for bridal work.

Q: Iíve got my bridal alterations taken care of, but my bridesmaids need alterations on their dresses too! Can you help?

A: With enough time, we will gladly take care of your entire wedding partyís alterations needs; even the men! Availability varies. Usually two fittings with proper shoes and undergarments are enough for a good fit on a BM dress.

Q: What about measurements, do you take measurements?

A: Yep. Ten bucks. Call or text 773-425-7422 and make an appointment!

Q: Youíre going to think Iím nuts, but I have a super-specific request and Iím not sure if itís doable; who do I ask about this?

A: Email for further info or to make an appointment for a consultation --! close

Appointments take place on Thursdays

Call 773 - 425 - 7422 or email to request one.

Fittings, measurements taken, try-ons, and pickups are by appointment only. 

Bridal alterations require a minimum lead time of 10 weeks until the event/travel date.